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Speak Black Woman! is a tribe of Black Women In Business who are also passionate about making a PROFIT from public speaking. The goal of the movement is to provide resources, tips, and trainings for black women entrepreneurs who want to maximize and monetize ALL public speaking opportunities (even the FREE ones)! 

If you want to leverage your voice in every aspect of your business, this community is for YOU, Sis. Welcome Home!

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This book is for black women in business who are ready to maximize and monetize ALL speaking opportunities on behalf of their business. Whether you are a financial services expert, a business coach, or consultant, if you are looking for strategies to get people to buy from you after you speak or present, this book has your name written all over it. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is already hosting workshops and seminars or virtual events, yet no one is enrolling in your program or buying from you, this book is the answer to your prayers. I am going to show you how to communicate to convert so you can leverage public speaking and presenting as a marketing strategy or lead generation tool. And for my black businesswomen who are looking add speaking an in income stream or revenue source, Sis this book is for you too! 

The Book

"I recently booked my 1st Keynote Speaking Assignment. It was not a full paid gig, however I was able to receive 1/3 more of what I usually charge plus I was able to sell my products and services. I am thankful because it was WAY more than I was charging prior to Power at the Podium. 

Power at the Podium has allowed me to become more confident in what I have to offer and see my value as a speaker. I now speak for FEE not FREE!"

"My experience with Quinn Conyers was nothing short of AMAZING. From the moment I sat in my chair and she began to speak, I was blown away. She is a walking talking billboard and example of what it looks like to “SPEAK FOR PROFIT”. I left there a more confident person and so inspired to grow my business. Attending this session made me realize the key things in my life that were holding me back from truly profiting my public speaking as an entrepreneur. I am counting down the days to return to the next seminar!"

"Entrepreneurship can be daunting and full of uncertainties. All too often we entrepreneurs try to do it all on our own. One thing for sure, you don't have to be the best at everything! This is why we have Change Agents like Quinn Conyers! I took Quinn's "Profit From Public Speaking” workshop and it was absolutely worth it! I found it to be relevant and thought provoking. It was also refreshing to hear the information being presented with such integrity and transparency leaving everyone feeling valued and empowered. After, it was clear, attending was one of the best decisions I could have made! No need for you to be left in the dark! Call Quinn Conyers! Let Quinn guide you on your path to greater success and a brighter future. You’ll be glad you did! I sure am!"

Olayinka Credle

Barbara D. Tamaklo

Brandi Nicole

Success Stories

Here's what other amazing women are saying after coaching with Quinn Conyers!

"Working with Quinn, she was able to help me hone in on a core area of focus that all of my services provide. Now I can quickly and concisely state what I do, how I do it, and the results that my clients get in a snap! If you have not booked your Verbal Business Card session with Quinn Conyers, then you need to get on it!"

-Lyndsey Vertner, Personal Development Coach and Speaker

"I have been helping clients in the financial services field for over 10 years, but I have not been able to effectively express exactly what it is that I do! Quinn Conyers worked with me 1 time (I repeat: 1 TIME!) and she was able to help me to discover my Verbal Business Card as well as my value statement. Do yourself a favor. Contact Quinn so that she can help you to monetize your conversations!

-Constance Craig-Mason, Financial Expert and Speaker

"Quinn Conyers really helped me to say what it is that I do in my business. She was able to help me to do something that I was not able to do in my business for the past 3 years since I started. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner... who has a challenge with telling people who you are because you're not really sure, Quinn will help you put it into words!"

-Tianna Blyden, Founder of Proverbs31 Boss Academy

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Our founder, Quinn Conyers was featured in Empowering Women to Speak Out Magazine, as well in the September 2020 issue of Vision and Purpose Magazine along with 20 other women from the Speak Black Woman Movement. Read along as they discuss how they use their voices in business and share tips for other women entrepreneurs to do the same.



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